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curriculum vitae

Publishing History
Pin Pricks (poetry), Quattro Books, Toronto, (2014). 119 pp.
Breathe Now (poetry), BuschekBooks, Ottawa, 2008. 55 pp.
Broken Accidents (fiction), Insomniac Press, Toronto, 2003. 157 pp.
Damaged (poetry), Insomniac Press, Toronto, 1998. 107 pp.
Beneath the Beauty (poetry), Insomniac Press, Toronto, 1996. 76 pp.

Static Evolution (fiction), Press On, Toronto, 2007.
Tree-lined Street (poetry), Neanderthal Press, Toronto, 1992.

Imagination in Action (essay), Mercury Press, Toronto, 2007.
Voices Under the Guise of Darkness 5 (poetry), Burning Effigy, Toronto, 2004.
In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself vo. 5 (poetry), N. Carolina, 2004.
Voices Under the Guise of Darkness 3 (poetry), Burning Effigy, Toronto, 2002.
Poetry Nation (poetry), Vehicule Press, Montreal, 1998.
Burning Ambitions (fiction), Rush Hour Revisions, 1998.
Written in the Skin (poetry), Insomniac Press, Toronto, 1998.
Shard Anthology II (poetry), Shard Press, Toronto, 1995.
Playing in the Asphalt Garden (poetry), Insomniac Press, Toronto, 1994.
Shard Anthology (fiction), Shard Press, Toronto, 1994.

Theatrical Events
Broken Accidents (fiction/acting/dance/music), Neighbourhood Dance Works with RCA Theatre. St. Johns, 2010.
Figure of Speech (poetry/dance,/music), Majilis Arts, Toronto, 2010.
PhliJeDe (Poetry and Dance), Dances for Small Stages, The Rivoli, Toronto, 1994.
Breathing (Poetry and Dance), The Cafe Verite, Toronto, 1993.

Audio CDs
The Inside Edge (poetry), PhlipEnt Productions, Toronto, 2002.

High Above, Self-produced, Toronto, 2009.
I would like (poetry), Vision Television, Toronto, 1999.
My eyes open (poetry), Vision Television, Toronto, 1999.
This Stare/Late at Night (poetry), Vision Television, Toronto, 1998; Bravo, 1999.
Rainbow/Nigel (poetry), Vision Television, Toronto, 1998.
Performance Poet Phlip Arima (live-performance) Self-produced, Toronto, 1995.

Magazines (selected)
Transition Magazine (poetry), Saskatchewan, 2017 /20 /23.
Long Con Magazine (poetry), Canada, 2023.
Rampike Magazine (poetry), Windsor, 2007
Misunderstandings (poetry), Toronto, 2005.
Existere Vol. 24 No. 1 (poetry), Toronto, 2004.
Eotu e-zine (poetry), World Wide Web, 2004.
Pagitica (poetry), Toronto, Spring 2001.
Café review (poetry), Portland ME, Spring 2000.
Blue Moon (poetry), Ottawa, Spring 2000.
Descant (poetry), Toronto, Spring 1997.
Rampike Magazine (poetry), Toronto, Spring 997.
Plazm No. 14 (fiction), Portland Oregon, Spring 1997.
Plazm No. 9 (poetry), Portland Oregon, Spring 1996.
Muse (poetry), The League of Canadian Poets, Toronto, spring 1996.
PowderKeg Electronic Magazine (poetry), Toronto, monthly April – Oct. 1993.
The Grammation (poetry), St Michael's College, Toronto, 1993.
Blood and Aphorisms No. 5 (fiction), Toronto, 1992.

Bafflegab (novel) Stan Rogal, Insomniac Press, Toronto, 2000. Copy.
Psychic Unrest (poetry) Lillian Allen, Insomniac Press, Toronto, 1999. Copy.
Blood Love and Boomerangs (poetry) Catherine Jenkins, Insomniac Press, Toronto, 1998. Substantive.

Creative Power Tools, 5-week writing course for beginners, Toronto, 2006 /07 /08

Director, Art Bar Poetry Series, Toronto, 2005/04.
Board of Directors Member, Art Bar Poetry Series, Toronto, 2005/04 /03 /02.
Host, Syntactic Sunday Reading Series, Toronto, 2004 /03 /02.
Co-Organiser / Host, Basement Reading Series, Toronto, 1997 /96.

Grants and Award
ReLit Awards, short listed (The Relit Awards), Canada, 2004.
Writers Reserve (Ontario Arts Council), 2021 /11 /04 /00, 1997 /96 /94 /93 /92.
The Muse Journal Poetry Contest (The Muse Journal), Toronto, 1992.

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